Butch Miller: Keep the school doors open

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Jan. 4, 2022

Butch Miller: Keep the school doors open

Republican for LG says return to virtual ‘learning’
based on hysteria, not science

Conservative Republican candidate for Lt. Governor Butch Miller today called on metro Atlanta school districts to reverse course and open schools to in-person learning immediately.

“Cutting straight to the point: These policy decisions are irreparably harming Georgia’s children, and we must speak out for the interests of the voiceless,” Miller said. “We’re told to follow the science. Well, what that tells us is that children aren’t super spreaders and they are unlikely to become gravely ill. But the research further shows that virtual education doesn’t work for most children, and that’s particularly true of students with working parents who go unsupervised during the school day.”

Miller cites a study by Georgia State University found that virtual learning hurt educational outcomes, with students on average three-quarters of a school year behind, with a disproportionate impact on low-income and minority students.

“Numerous school districts are doubling down on a failed policy,” Miller said. “For the good of these kids and their futures – as well as for working parents who are given impossible options and are stressed beyond their limits – we must get them back in schools immediately.

“These are decisions based on hysteria, not evidence. We should do what’s right for those most vulnerable to the virus by keeping virtual learning as an option, but doing what’s right for the vast majority of Georgia families is in-person learning!”

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By Butch Miller

Butch Miller is a true conservative and small businessman who is not afraid to fight for our Georgia values and GETS THINGS DONE!