Butch’s Priorities

Georgia First. America Forever.

Conservative Values

On these principles – Life, the Second Amendment, illegal immigration, taxes, religious liberty and federal overreach – Butch will NEVER bow to the threats and bullying tactics of the Woke Mob.

Taxes & Regulation

Georgia has remained the No. 1 state for business and an engine of job creation. Butch has successfully cut taxes and regulations, and as the owner of a small business, he understands the needs and challenges that job creators face. Butch knows the role of government is to incentivize people who show up to work - not stay home. His plan to grow our workforce from within through skills-based training will address the supply chain shortage.

Vaccine Mandates

Butch will FIGHT Biden’s federal overreach that would force vaccine mandates on Georgians. The federal government has no place making healthcare decisions for Americans and their children. Georgia will fight back and we will win.

Freedom of Speech

Censorship of Conservatives by Big Tech has gone unchecked for too long. As Lt. Governor, Butch will lead Georgia to join forces with other states to break up the monopoly power of Big Tech that threatens our free speech. We will not let Silicon County Liberals determine what Georgians are allowed to say.

Life is Sacred

A man of faith who believes that all human life is sacred, Butch has fought for pro-life principles. He proudly championed the fetal pain bill and, more recently, the heartbeat bill. As Georgia’s Lt. Governor, Butch will demand that the state continue to fight in court to put the heartbeat bill into effect. He aims to make Georgia the most pro-life state in the country.

Religious Freedom

Georgians have a constitutional right to exercise their faith, and Butch will always stand strong for religious liberty.

Promoting Election Integrity

Voters should have confidence in our elections. Butch has led the fight to eliminate flaws in the voting process, increase transparency, and go after bad actors whose mission is to steal elections.

Election Reform

When the current Lt. Governor refused to preside over the passage of SB 202 — Georgia’s critical election reform bill — Butch refused to back down and got the bill passed, securing the integrity of the vote by making it easy to vote and hard to cheat. Because of Butch’s leadership, we now require ID for absentee voting and safeguards to prevent ballot harvesting.

Audit Fulton County

Butch is the only candidate to successfully push for and achieve an audit of Fulton County Elections. He put a focus on the troubled county’s elections operations that rightfully led to firings of employees and the resignation of the elections director. Butch has called for a forensic audit of the ballots in Fulton and a review of the dominion voting machines.

Eliminate Drop Boxes

Drop boxes are the weakest link in our voting system, a voting system that Georgia has lost confidence in. We know counties aren’t monitoring or securing them like they are supposed to because no county has been able to produce adequate surveillance videos from the last election. It’s time to eliminate drop boxes, which is exactly what Butch Miller is doing.

Protecting Our Communities

Every Georgian has the right to feel safe. Butch stands with our men and women in law enforcement and will ensure they have the necessary resources to fight gangs and stomp out rampant crime in Georgia.

Law & Order

Crime is out of control, endangering lives and property throughout Georgia cities controlled by Liberals. Butch is the Law and Order candidate and he will be the Law and Order Lt. Governor. He’ll back the blue and never bow to the Woke Mob’s demands to Defund the Police. Instead, Butch will provide Georgia’s law enforcement agencies the additional funding and support they deserve. Liberal mayors and district attorneys have refused to enforce the law, with a predictable rise in crime as criminals know they’ll face no consequences. Butch will work with law enforcement to get criminals off the streets.

Second Amendment

Butch will never compromise on Georgians’ Second Amendment rights. He’s greatly expanded gun rights that are protected by our Constitution, and is fighting to pass Constitutional Carry. He’ll never allow Stacey Abrams and the Democrats to take away our ability to protect our families and homes. A lifetime member of the NRA, Butch has a bulletproof record of defending the 2nd Amendment.

Illegal Immigration

Georgia must stand firm against Biden’s open border policies that invite criminal gangs to profit off of deadly drugs and human trafficking. Butch led the effort to pass one of the nation’s strongest laws against illegal immigration, and as Lt. Governor he will give prosecutors and law enforcement the tools to combat these criminal activities and enforce Georgia law.

Empowering Parents

Butch knows the most important influence on a child’s education is the parent and bureaucrats should not stand in between children and their parents.


Unlike Democrats, Butch believes parents should have a say in what schools teach their children and the Biden Department of Justice is looking to prosecute parents who dare to oppose their local school board policies. Butch Miller will always stand with parents to keep classrooms open. Contrary to the Woke Mob, parental involvement improves schools and student outcomes.

School Choice

Butch has consistently given parents more school choice options if their local public school isn’t the right fit for their child. Butch helped pass a constitutional amendment that increased access to public charter schools and recently he helped countless Georgia children with learning challenges by creating the Special Needs Scholarship allowing them to attend any school that offers.


Butch forcefully believes Critical Race Theory in any form has NO place in our schools. We can teach our nation’s history – the good and the bad – without indoctrinating and dividing our children along racial lines. Butch will ensure no school system has Critical Race Theory as part of its curriculum.

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